Is planning your wedding keeping you up at night? Have you noticed there are just too many moving parts to manage and you just want to relax and have fun when the day finally arrives?

What you need is a right-hand man, someone you can trust to have your back—that on the day when it counts won’t get drunk, randomly disappear or hit on your bridesmaids. More importantly, you need someone sharp and refined that can strike the right balance between let’s party and lets keep it classy for nan.

I am Jeremiah Hartmann, and I think I can be your guy. As a professional Live Event Host & MC, I am an expert in connecting and bringing people together. I do it with passion, I do it with integrity, and I do it with a good amount of heart.

Unlike that friend who’ll probably recite stuff on the mic that’ll make your family block you on Facebook, I am a professional presenter in and outside of the wedding industry which means you get someone who understands the role exceptionally well.

My story as a professional MC goes back to 2011. I landed my first paid gig at a wedding because the DJ didn’t want to be the MC and a DJ at the same time. Guess who got the mic and clipboard!

Since then, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of amazing couples experience a wedding reception that was even better than they intended it to be.

It genuinely gives me such a kick knowing I can make a valuable contribution to a day that usually is surrounded by too much stress and anxiety.

Together I think we can make your special day just that little extra special!
Reach out to find out how.


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